I’ll keep this brief as requested.


The approach of the Welsh Government in not allowing sport other than running and cycling as from the review on 29th May 2020 makes Wales the only country in Europe that does not allow recreational tennis with members of the same household.  It is a sort sighted, uneducated decision based upon the fact that the decision makers do not understand or I suspect participate any sport.  The long term effects will be build upon the already unhealthy nation of Welsh people and without a change of attitude in Welsh Government, I fear for the nation's long term health.


It is interesting to note that gardening and allotments are not covered by Government Covid restrictions, by chance the hobbies of Mr Drakeford.


And if our Health Minister thinks a five year old eating chips is a normal part of his daily exercise then we are truly doomed!


I have coached tennis, athletics and football, as a volunteer for over 20 years and would be delighted to expand further if it would be helpful.


I trust that you will submit my comments which are made with the health of our nation at heart.


Yours sincerely


Jason Richards