The Welsh Government provided a lot of funding to local councils to tackle period poverty. One grant was released end of 2018 and another Feb/March 2020. We had been asked to distribute feminine hygiene protection by PCC, yesterday I asked where had it all gone and was told they had made a decision to give it all to Patch foodbank yet again which only operates part time. You can imagine now with the country in lock down, most people affected financially, long waits for online delivery slots, home tutoring (because some was intended for schools) ladies are struggling to have access to these products. After a long battle yesterday we were given only 86 individual packets to distribute around Pembrokeshire. Half went to one rural village and half went to another and they were all gone. I was told they are saving the products for when the schools and organisations reopen, when ever that will be.
> I would like to bring this to the attention of the WG who provided the funding.
> We still have some rough sleeping, dog owners, mental health issues etc.
> Some have been offered hotels miles away which they can't get to. Food was not provided, the rooms have kettles only and no credit on mobile phones, one was a female who is pregnant. Youth Services now have a reduced number of staff operating so the under 25's getting very little support which we have had to pick up. Many elderly living remotely we have found with few family, friends. No public transport, not shielding but trying to isolate with no internet making do with very little.

Pembrokeshire County Council, PAV and Delta Wellbeing now run what is known as a Community Hub. A lady had called them to request some feminine hygiene products as she was unable to leave the house and it took 6 days for them to reach her. Patch Charity Food Bank closed it's other 3 bases and now only operates from it's Headquarters which is open for 4hrs a day Mon- Fri and provides a delivery service only, this is for the whole of Pembrokeshire. At this time I believe you have to telephone the food bank directly or the Community Hub to request some. PCC have informed me that the caller can now request to speak to a female since they were made aware that some females could feel embarrassed having to speak with a a male about such personal items.